rubbish removal services in London

Rubbish Removal W6: Hammersmith

London Junk has teams operating in the W6 Hammersmith area of the capital helping households and business owners alike get rid of their rubbish for a tidy home or work place.

Our staff members are highly experienced and fully trained to handle the toughest of tasks and will free up your property or business of any junk no matter how large or small.

Here is our waste services list:

  • Residential rubbish collection
  • Office rubbish collection
  • House clearing collection

We do not just do one off jobs, we can organise a collection service that will visit your business weekly or fortnightly to keep you waste free, clean and tidy. You will receive a transfer note after the work is carried out.

We are more affordable than hiring a skip and you will not have to lift a finger as we clear everything for you. We are also licenced and insured.

We are proud of our staff and they are hard-working, friendly and polite. They will clear up after themselves once all of your unwanted items have been removed to ensure the property is left tidy. After this you will be handed the transfer note as proof of the job is complete.

So residents and business owners alike in the W6 Hammersmith part of London, we are here to help keep your building clean, tidy and waste free.

To get in touch with one of our friendly, courteous staff, please give us a call on 0208 166 5752 or send your email to or you can fill in the form on the home page for a quick reply.