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Rubbish Clearance W12: Shepherd’s Bush

Professional waste and rubbish removal in the W12 Shepherd’s Bush area of London from London Junk. We are experts in the recycling unwanted items and junk that needs disposing of.

Our professional, organised and fully trained staff are ready and waiting to help clear your home or work place of any unsightly items that need removing quickly and safely.

Here is our waste services list:

  • We can remove your business waste
  • We collect your garden rubbish
  • We collect builder’s rubble

We can visit your work place on a regular basis if you wish to help you keep down any waste. This can be done weekly or monthly at a time to suit you. After each job is complete, a transfer note will be given to the customer as proof of collection.

On the day of the waste collection, the London Junk team assigned to the task will turn up at the correct time as punctuality is very important. They will also be courteous and treat your property with respect. After everything has been removed, the team will clean up after themselves leaving a tidy job behind.

Any household or business in W12, Shepherd’s Bush can benefit from the London Junk services which will leave your property clean and waste free.

Why not give us a ring on 0208 166 5752 to speak to one of our friendly staff. You can also email us at

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