rubbish removal services in London

Rubbish Removal W10: Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington

Our waste removal company serves the W10 Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington area of London with our fast, reliable services that are both environmentally friendly and competitively priced. No hidden fees are added so you know the cost from day one.

Our staff are fully trained and have the experience to take on any type of job in a professional manner. If you have large items that need removing, we have the equipment to deal with all furniture from awkward sofas to large office tables. No additional skip will be needed.

Here is our waste removal services list:

  • We collect all garden waste
  • We remove all business waste
  • We collect your furniture

We can also organise a regular collection for you. We can visit your premises on a regular basis to clear your work place weekly or monthly and keep it clean and tidy. After each job, a transfer note will be produced to document that you have passed on the waste.

On the day of the appointment, the team will arrive on time and act in a professional manner. Each staff member will be polite and treat your property with respect. They will also make sure that everything is swept up and tidy before leaving and make sure that you are happy.

So, if you are a resident or operate your business in W10 Ladbroke Grove and North Kensington, we can help you with any waste clearing that you need.

If you would like to discuss a quote, you can call us on 0208 166 5752 to speak to one of our friendly staff. If you wish, you can also send us an email at for a swift reply.