rubbish removal services in London

Rubbish Removal NW6: Kilburn, Queens Park, West Hampstead

London Junk has a team of rubbish removal experts designated to the NW6 Kilburn, Queens Park, West Hampstead area.

We can handle all types of waste from small garden rubbish to save you the hassle of taking it to the local dump, or a full clear out of a large-scale office. We have the team and equipment to remove large desks and office equipment to a new location.

Our Services:

  • Residential Clearances
  • Builders Clearances
  • Commercial Clearances

In addition to a once off clearance, we can also assist your business also by providing a regular service to pick up and recycle large volumes of card, paper and any other material that you build up quickly and regularly.

Our teams are a minimum of two men who are friendly, polite and courteous. They will arrive on time and be polite and friendly. You will be handed a waste transfer note as proof that you have passed the waste on to be recycled responsibly.

So, if your home or business is in NW6 Kilburn, Queens Park or West Hampstead we can help dispose of any waste that you have, leaving your property clean and tidy.

You can call us 0208 166 5752 for more information or send us an email at You can also fill out the form on our website with your details for a fast response.

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