rubbish removal services in London

Rubbish Removal NW2: Cricklewood, Neasden

London Junk has a designated team to handle the NW2 Cricklewood, Neasden area of London disposing of any waste material that you may wish to remove from your home or work place.

We can handle a variety of different types of waste and serve commercial properties and residential homes. We can clear up household waste, remove large amounts garden cuttings and builder’s rubble. We have the tools, the equipment and staff to help you.


  • Builders waste clearance
  • Commercial waste clearance
  • Residential waste clearance
  • Garden waste clearance

Also in addition to a one-off job, we can also help businesses who produce a lot of waste weekly by arranging a collection service on a regular basis.

Our professional team will arrive on time at your property in the NW2 Cricklewood, Neasden area on the day of the appointment and treat your property with respect while working on it. All of our staff are polite and friendly.

We are fully licenced to dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly manner. You will receive a transfer note once work has been completed to document the waste will be disposed of correctly.

You will be guaranteed to have a clean property after work has finished as our team will make sure that everything is left tidy with a sweep up at the end.

You can contact us through the contact form on the home page of our site or phone us on 0208 166 5752 to book an appointment or get a quotation.

Alternatively, you can send us an email to for a swift reply.