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Rubbish Removal NW10 North West London

London Junk  in North West London NW10Rubbish Removal NW10 North West London.  You will find a lot of rubbish removal companies covering the North West London (NW10) area, but not all of them are professional companies, fully licensed and insured in the same way that we are. They also don’t all provide their customers with great value for money, an exceptional service and customer satisfaction!

When you choose London Junk to remove all of your waste, we look after the heavy lifting and hard graft for you. Not only that, but our uniformed team will arrive at a pre-arranged time, fully equipped with our specially adapted vehicles. Another reason to choose us is that we only charge you for the amount we remove from your premises, if you hire a skip you have to pay a fixed amount whether it’s half empty or completely full, with our service you don’t have to!

If you require rubbish removal in the North West NW10 area of London, then follow the link to complete our online booking form and feel confident that we will handle the rest for you.

What happens to the rubbish you take away?

We deal with all of your rubbish that we remove in accordance with current legislation. This means that wherever we can, we ensure that it is either reused or recycled. Because of our experience in working within the NW10 North West area of London, we are fully versed on where to take your rubbish to make sure that everything we collect is dealt with correctly.

Because we work with both residential and commercial sectors we have experience in dealing with a wide range of requirements, collecting all kinds of rubbish. This also means that we have experience of setting up regular collection services where required and we work with many high street retailers in this way. As mentioned we remove rubbish of all kinds, from furniture, general builders waste, to more complex items such as hazardous waste, in fact we can remove pretty much anything you can think of.

70% of everything we collect is recycled meaning that you can work with us with a clear conscience too. We have built our business up steadily over the last few years and this has only happened because we have been able to provide a great service to our customers, this is incredibly important to us and we do all we can to make sure our customers experience is a good one.

Working with a professional rubbish removal company for all of your North West NW10 waste, such as London Junk, is a hassle free and cost effective option. No planning permission to worry about, no hauling waste back and forth yourself! Don’t hesitate, give us a call today to arrange your collection today on 0208 166 5752