rubbish removal services in London

The Importance of Office Clearance Services in London

Pile of office junkOffice clearance holds its own special challenges for businesses in London. As the largest and busiest city in the UK more waste is generated than other areas but traffic congestion makes it difficult to deal with.
For this reason our services are more necessary here than anywhere else as we are experienced at working around the London CBD area.

Reasons why you might need to dispose of office waste:

  • Replaced old furniture or equipment with new
  • Large amount of daily office waste generated
  • Need to dispose of equipment that falls under the WEEE directive
  • Moving offices or just having a general clear-out

What to look for in a London commercial waste clearance service

Not all waste disposal services are equal. When you choose which London office clearance company to use, bear the following in mind:

  • Do they recycle electronic waste in line with the WEEE directive?
  • Do they dispose of or recycle waste in an environmentally friendly way?
  • Do they provide you with accurate waste auditing and provide any necessary reports or paper trail?
  • Are they registered with the relevant authorities for waste disposal and recycling?
  • Do they have a maximum or minimum number of items they will take?
  • Do they provide a cost effective service with no hidden charges?

Why choose London Junk?

When it comes to office clearance, London Junk is a customer-focused, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. We provide the following office clearance services:

  • IT equipment recycling and clearance in line with WEEE directive
  • Secure data destruction services
  • Furniture removal and recycling
  • Relocation services and cleaning
  • Asset valuation or purchase and project management

London Junk has all the necessary licences to carry out office clearance and waste disposal for your business. We don’t just work with office spaces, we offer a wide range of commercial waste clearance options.