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London House Clearance When Moving Home

Moving house in London and Rubbish Clearance

For those moving home in London, house clearance can be a real issue. Most people accumulate all sorts of clutter and rubbish in addition to the possession and furniture they want to take with them to their new home, so they need to figure out how to get rid of this before moving day.

London house clearance issues

Some of the problems associated with London house clearance are:

  • Finding time to sort out the junk from the rest
  • Where to store the junk until you get rid of it
  • How to transport it out of your home

London house clearance solutions

The best way to find time to sort out your junk is to start well in advance and allocate one room to tackle each weekend. Get the whole family involved or invite some friends round to help with the promise of beer and pizza afterwards. Hopefully once you get started it won’t seem as overwhelming and you will make slow but steady progress.

Allocate an area to store the junk and start packing up the rest as much as possible, so you’re accomplishing two tasks at the same time (sorting/decluttering and packing boxes).

Many people believe that hiring a skip is the solution to where to store the junk as well as how to get rid of it but a skip presents its own problems in London:

  • You will probably need to organise parking and permits, both of which will cost extra
  • The longer you have the skip the more these costs will accumulate, which means you probably won’t hire the skip until you’ve sorted everything out anyway, in which case you’ve already found somewhere to store the junk in the meantime.
  • Carrying everything down to the skip is hard work, particularly if you can’t find parking immediately outside your property.

A better solution is to hire a London house clearance company. A reputable one will not only load all the junk on their trucks for you, but will also leave your home tidy and clean afterwards.

London junk also offers the following benefits:

  • Removal is done quickly and efficiently and at a time that suits you.
  • We have all the required licences and permits to dispose of and recycle your rubbish.
  • We don’t charge extra for parking and permits and you will know how much it will cost you upfront.
  • We recycle as much of the junk from the house clearance as possible.

Make your London house clearance as painless as possible and give us a call. You can find out more about our London house clearance services on our website.