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Waste Management in London

There is a growing concern about waste management these days for both businesses and residents in London. Waste management is a big issue with landfills overflowing and strict regulations governing how you can dispose of your rubbish. In an effort to address this problem organisations like the North London Waste Association are attempting to curb the landfill problem and increase recycling across the city.

London waste management for residents

  • Recycling smaller items has become commonplace and is relatively convenient for residents now.
  • It is the larger items that cause problems for residents when it comes to London waste management.
  • Luckily there are services that can assist you in getting rid of most types and sizes of waste, and these will usually also recycle as much of the rubbish as possible.
  • Garden waste such as branches, soil and paving rubble are also easily dealt with by a waste collection service.

London waste management for businesses

For construction businesses, a skip is often the best solution. They will toss the rubbish and junk from the job site directly into the skip ready to be taken away when the building is complete.

However it is not as simple for other types of businesses when it comes to London waste management. Firstly there is the problem of finding space for a skip, and then there is the issue of getting the appropriate permits and permissions. Secondly there is the issue of loading the skip. You are unlikely to find willing volunteers among your staff, and it could also pose health and safety issues.

Whether your business is looking for daily waste collection or just a one of junk removal service, London Junk makes waste management easy for your business.

Is it expensive to hire a London waste management service?

You may be surprised at just how affordable London waste management services can be. It often works out cheaper than a skip, as you only pay for the rubbish that is actually removed, as opposed to paying for a full skip load whether you fill it up or not. Unlike a skip, there are also no additional costs for permits or parking. Not only that, but the labour is also included, so there’s no hard work to be done on your part.

Hiring a London waste management service is an affordable and convenient solution to a common problem. Find out just how inexpensive London waste management can be when you use London Junk.