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Pure hustle: From a beat-up transit and £160 to a million-pound business

When Harsha Rathnayake arrived in the UK in 2004, he could barely speak English. Back then, he must have cut a far different figure from the now affable well-spoken owner of London Junk.

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Ethical gifts: think of others when you think of others this Christmas

It’s the ethical Christmas gift that can throw a financial lifeline to people in poorer countries who are trying to improve their lives. Lendwithcare gift vouchers allow Britons to lend relatively small sums of money to people in 11 countries who are keen to start or grow their own small business – and the occupied Palestinian territories have now been added to the list of locations, meaning it is possible to lend money to individuals and families in the West Bank and Gaza.

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Merry X-Smash! 6 million boozy Brits will hit the bottle early on Christmas Day

Six million will have an early drink – and one in five will have a fight with a loved one, Xmas research reveals.

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Expert Warns Christmas Is Prime Time For Fly Tipping

A waste disposal expert has warned that discarded packaging and cancelled bin collections make the Christmas holidays a peak time for domestic fly tipping.

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Overcoming adversity in business: Stolen furniture, no money and TfL red tape

Overcoming adversity is a recurring theme in any entrepreneurial journey. Whether it is finding that initial working capital, dealing with the sudden loss of cash or encountering operational hurdles, challenges will arise.

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The rubbish gift: an offer you can’t refuse

This might sound like a rubbish idea – but how would you like to spend the day collecting waste in the heart of London?

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ReFood Launches Charity Campaign to Reduce Christmas Waste

In the run up to one of the busiest times of the year for food producers, retailers and charities, ReFood has launched a campaign to reduce business food waste and donate money to homeless charities.

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